Snap re-cap: Don't miss next year!

The whole idea behind my blog & my site is to Uplift & Inspire
My blog is a place for me to share ideas to uplift and inspire
while my site is the sole place to buy my designs to uplift and inspire

I've come to the point where my health is getting better & it's time for me to kick things up a notch. So, this is why I decided to attend Snap The Conference! I'm so glad I did...
it was scary. 
**Believe it or not, I do still get a little shy/scared/unsure when I go out of my comfort zone. And a blogging conference definitely was out of my comfort zone. **

But the thing that drew me to THIS particular conference was their tag line: 

'Creativity at your fingertips.' 

You know I have to have a creative exercise this was 15 min. away from me, right down the street....
I. Had. No. Excuse.
(quatrefoil tag by me found HERE)

I'm so glad I did. 2 of the first people I saw were some of my all time inspiring people: Shelley of House of Smiths  & Karen from Graphics Fairy!  This was the beginning of 3 days of being uplifted & inspired by...
the classes, 
the people,
the venue,
the laughing,
the sharing,
the crying,
the dancing,
the eating!

Not only did Rhonna Designs sponsor....
(& Snap sure to look on the BACK of that cute, frameable quote to see your 50% off coupon!)
.... but, as luck would have it...I had FOUR of my Creative Team members were there! We all decided to go at various times & when we found out that we were ALL going to be there, we were so excited! It was amazing...someday I'd love to have my entire team together!

Each came on their own or with friends, but we had FIVE of us there! It was so fabulous to glean from really talk, laugh & even cry! I love them all & was so happy to get to share some time with them!
Sadly, we were all never together...funny, huh? But we DID get a few pictures together!

The Queen Bee Market was there & it was sooo fab! I loved it!
And our closing key note speaker was Dr. Matt Townsend who had us laughing & crying. He shared my FAVE quote & really hit on the fact that all of us are changing lives...& when we do that, we can change the world. What he said really resonated with me. I loved it!
& the finale:
We had a party rock in the big barn...dancing til we couldn't dance anymore...shakin' wigglin' movin' & groovin'...

So...for those of you that missed it this word of advice: don't miss next year!
I know I won't!

and...remember...check out the Blogger's retreat: Breathing Space...I'm loving these bloggers!


Ashleigh said...

I was at SNAP too! And you are my #1 person that I wanted to meet, that I didn't. :( I wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I love your designs (I bought almost all of the house of 3 products), I've done the 21 day challenges, I've done the creativity exercises... I'm a fan! It was fun to see your recap though! Thanks so much for all of your continued inspiration!

Emily said...

How is it we never got a single group photo? Sheesh! Had such a wonderful time and LOVED soaking up a bit of your fabulousness and energy. :)

Oh my gosh, I love you SO SO SO much! THANK YOU for coming to SNAP and hanging out with us! It meant the world!
I know we haven't done a ton of one on one chatting, but you and Margie are seriously some of my most FAVORITE people ever! You both have so much positive energy to offer, and your happiness is contagious.

Thank you for being... YOU! We MUST hang out more often!

~Shelley Smith

So sad we were not able to spend a bit of time chatting hopefully next time!!! Love you!!

patty said...

sounds like S*N*A*P was a super fun and inspiring place to be...
thanks for sharing your thoughts & photos!

jamie said...

aMazing recap!
perfectly said.
loved. loved. every moment.
and your team is a hoot...never in the same place at the same time...cause we are movers and shakers.
thanks for the uplift and inspire. truly meant the world to me!


LOVE that I was able to meet you. You are seriously one of the cutest girls ever. Thank you so omuch for coming! It would not have been the same without your fun and creative energy! xoxo

meeting you & margie was a huge highlight for me.

i just love your spunk & sass! you are truly beautiful inside & out!!!


see you on instagram!!!

I LOVE that you came and stayed to dance the night away with us at the end...a true party girl. :)

You really are such a positive force that we all want to soak in when we are around you. Thanks for inspiring me always. <3

Lolly Jane said...

Hey Rhonna! I was sitting in a church meeting this week and brought up SNAP when my friend said she knew you. It was like my two worlds collided, how fun! Beth Martineau? Anyway, I didn't meet you but love your style. Thanks for the freebie in the swag bag!

(: Kelli

I love your work and you are just as darling IRL!!! Loved meeting you (your dance moves were fab)!! XOXO, Tam