Rhonna Designs app for Android is HERE!

Yay! After tons of work...our fab developers have done it! Rhonna Designs App is NOW available for Android devices! 
Remember: there is an imposter out there...the ONLY legit & official app in the google play store is the one from Nifty Bytes! The direct link will take you there! ENJOY! & please tag us w/ #rhonnadesigns so we can feature YOUR work on our ever-changing starter screen! ;)
View video tutorials HERE!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made it possible! 


Thank you, thank you been waiting for so long :) Just in time for holiday pics, Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Love...love...love! I've been waiting to get dis app on my android! Blessings

Oh, thank you, thank you!! Been patiently waiting and cannot wait to download and play!! Thank you Rhonna Designs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine is not compatible with What versiĆ³n snif snif

keep checking the updates...there was a glitch in the google store...4.0 & higher should be compatible!

Emily said...

Downloaded! Now I just need to use it!

Neil Plaza said...

Please make it free pls for Android please Ms. Rhonna.


I just got this app and I played with it. So far it's a really nice app! So many options :)


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